The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Is Hosting its 10th Annual Sniper Challenge 

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office invites you to the 10th annual Emergency Response Team Sniper Competition.  The competition will take place at the Guilford County Sheriff’s range located at 3050 County Farm Road in Gibsonville, NC 27249.  There will be vendors, prizes, surprises, and some of the toughest competition around.  There is no cost to compete in the competition other than the ammo requirements listed below.  There are several hotels in the area for those that will be out of commuting distance, we recommend the Comfort Suites in Whitsett.

This event is set for Friday/Saturday, April 24th & 25th, 2015.  The event will be open to the first 25 two-man sniper teams (Current Military, Active or Reserve with B4 ASI; or LEO).  Each sniper team and individual sniper will be shooting for first, second or third place.  The first place sniper team will take a traveling trophy home to their department to be brought back to the competition next year and a Remington 700 (.308)

Each sniper must provide their own sniper rifle & duty handgun (agency issue).                  

Ammo requirements:
100 rounds of quality sniper ammo ***NOARMOR PIERCING, GREEN TIP OR STEEL CORE AMMO***
100 rounds of 5.56 or .223 ammo ***NOARMOR PIERCING, GREEN TIP OR STEEL CORE AMMO*** (AR-15 will be provided)
100 rounds of quality handgun ball ammo
50 rounds of frangible handgun ammo
25 rounds of 12ga #8 bird shot ***LEAD ONLY, NO STEEL SHOT*** (Shotgun provided)

 You must also bring any equipment normally used by during agency call outs, including gas mask and handgun.  There will be stages where the issued handgun will be used.

There will be a hospitality event Friday night and breakfast/lunch on Saturday for the participants, staff and vendors.  The public is welcome to watch, a special viewing section will be provided.  The trophies and prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition.Shooters with questions or who may need assistance with lodging or registration please contact Rodney Davenport of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office at 

Guilford Co. Sheriff's Office Sniper Competition